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However you look at it, it is a milestone worth celebrating! Join us in 2016 as we take a look back at our 50-year journey and celebrate award winners, significant achievements, long-term customers, strategic partners, NOCTI staff, and our leadership! If you want to join in on the celebration, take a minute to send us a congratulatory note; we'll be sharing these throughout the year! Thanks for being part of this journey with us!

Issue 1: 50-Year Celebration Introduction, January 2016

Issue 2: 50-Year Celebration, February 2016

Issue 3: 50-Year Celebration, March 2016

Issue 4: 50-Year Celebration, April 2016

Issue 5: 50-Year Celebration, May 2016

Issue 6: 50-Year Celebration, June 2016

Issue 7: 50-Year Celebration, July 2016

Issue 8: 50-Year Celebration, August 2016

Issue 9: 50-Year Celebration, September 2016

Issue 10: 50-Year Celebration, October 2016

Issue 11: 50-Year Celebration, November 2016

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