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Fall Planning Information & Updates

Important Planning Information for Teachers

Revised Tests Released September 1, 2016

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NOCTI Staff Updates

 Fall Planning Information and Updates

Fall Reminders

  • Passwords: Client Services Center passwords are changed, as a security measure, every July 31st. To retrieve your new password, click on the “Request My Password” link on the Client Services Center log in page. The new password will be emailed immediately to the designated Site Coordinator.
    NEW! Site Coordinators can now create their own password! Log in with your NOCTI-assigned password, then click the “Change Password” link to create your own.
  • National Averages: The national averages for Job Ready and Pathway assessments are updated and posted every January and July. View the newest lists of national averages for secondary or post-secondary by clicking on the National Averages button in the Reports and Certificates section of the Client Services Center.
  • Resources: Documents and forms, including guides, instructions, policies, and Instructor Prep Packs, located in the Resources section of Client Services Center, are updated in the fall. Visit the Resources section to retrieve the most current resources.

Ordering - Lead Times (Student Testing)
When placing your order, note the required lead times for assessments and related materials. Rush fees will be applied to orders which do not allow the stated lead times listed below.

Student testing Timeline

Ordering - Purchase Orders
Avoid order processing delays by ensuring your purchase order matches your order, both product quantities and prices. Purchase order copies are generally required before order processing can occur, so ensure your order will not be delayed by uploading a copy of your purchase order during the check-out process (within the Ordering section of the Client Services Center). Faxed purchase order copies are also acceptable (fax number: 231-796-4699). Please note, orders are not processed based on the receipt of a purchase order alone; your order must be submitted through the Client Services Center to be processed.

College Credit Recommendations for NOCTI Credentials
NOCTI has worked closely with the National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS) to evaluate the rigor of the NOCTI credentials, and translate the content into college credit equivalencies. Credits range from one to six credits per assessment. NOCTI has also collaborated with Excelsior College to offer students the option to obtain an official college transcript.

Students meeting a 70% benchmark on a NOCTI multiple-choice credential are eligible to receive the College Credit Recommendation Report. This report is automatically generated as part of the NOCTI score report package. Not only can this report be a valuable component of a student’s portfolio, it can also be presented at any of the 1500+ cooperating colleges and universities for college credit consideration. To view a list of cooperating colleges within your state, click here.

New and revised assessments released this September will be added to the list later this fall. 

Make sure your students are taking advantage of this opportunity to earn college credit for meeting the established benchmark on a NOCTI assessment! More information on the National College Credit Recommendation Service can be found on our website.

Teacher's Corner Important Planning Information for Teachers

Teacher’s Corner and Teacher Resources
The Teacher’s Corner on nocti.org remains the best resource for teachers to find answers to their questions, assist with test preparation, and obtain information about NOCTI testing.

Teachers are encouraged to visit Teacher Resources, which is a password-protected section of the Teacher’s Corner. Teachers can retrieve the Teacher Resources Password from their Site Coordinator, in order to access the Teacher Resources section of the Teacher’s Corner on nocti.org.

Teachers at schools using NOCTI assessments will find targeted resources including:

  • Instructor Prep Packs
    • Instructor Prep Packs are available for most NOCTI Job Ready assessments. Teachers will find performance test setup and preparation details, allowable resources for multiple-choice tests (as applicable), information on proctors, evaluators, test security, score reporting, accommodations, and more.
  • Letter to Parents Template
    • An important step in the testing process is to provide an explanation of your school’s testing program, so that parents and guardians can encourage and support their student. The “Letter to Parents” template can be used to assist with this communication.
  • Successful Programs, Successful Schools Guide
    • This guide will help you interpret and understand NOCTI’s score reports and how to use the data for student and program improvement.
  • Helpful Presentations
    • Study Guides: Overview and Ideas for Classroom Use
    • Performance Test Information for Students
    • Performance Evaluator Overview
  • And more...


Teacher News Updates
Sign up for Teacher News Updates in the Teacher’s Corner to receive the latest news from NOCTI, including special teacher communications! If you are a teacher, sign up by clicking here. If you are a Site Coordinator, please forward this information to your teachers. Make sure to sign up today!

Assessment Blueprints

  • Each assessment blueprint lists the standards and competencies covered on the assessment, as well as administration details and sample questions.
  • Check out the “How to use Assessment Blueprints” flyer for information on how to read and use NOCTI’s blueprints.
  • View the assessment blueprints here.

Study Guides and Practice Tests

  • Study Guides are available for all standard NOCTI assessments. Ask your Site Coordinator about the order process if you wish to use study guides for your program.
  • Study guide packages include log in credentials for an online practice test. Your Site Coordinator can access and provide you with log in credentials for students to access the practice test.
  • Click here for more information. Please note: if you use the order form at this link to order study guides, you will only receive the study guides, and not the log in credentials for online practice tests. To receive the complete study guide package, your Site Coordinator will need to place the order online.

After Testing
Once testing is complete, you should receive score reports for each of your students. Talk with your Site Coordinator, who will provide you with these reports.

  • Remember to check out the Successful Programs, Successful Schools Guide in the Teacher Resources section of the Teacher’s Corner, to help you interpret the score reports.

Benefits of NOCTI
Check out this flyer for information on how NOCTI is beneficial for students, teachers, and schools.

  • College Credit
    • NOCTI collaborates with the National College Credit Recommendation Service to evaluate all of its credentials. Experienced industry experts and professors evaluated the rigor of the NOCTI assessments to translate the content into college credit equivalencies.
    • Students must meet a 70% benchmark on an approved NOCTI multiple-choice credential to be eligible for a college credit recommendation report.
    • Find more information here.
  • Digital Badges
    • Badges promote a three-dimensional picture of an individual, allowing viewers to see beyond a report card. They provide a new way to validate skills by capitalizing on technology and offering a means to “display” and validate individual achievements, as well as verify technical competence through projects, programs, courses, assessments, and other activities.
    • NOCTI’s SkillBadge™ is available to eligible students. Learn more here.

 Revised Tests Released September 1, 2016

Below is the list of assessments that were revised in the 2016 revision cycle. These assessments are now available for use. Assessment Blueprints for these updated assessments can be found by clicking here.

  • 21st Century Skills for Workplace Success - Test Code 1437 (replaces Test Code 1337)
  • Building Construction Occupations - Test Code 4011 (replaces Test Code 3011)
  • Computer Networking Fundamentals (only multiple-choice portion revised) - Test Code 4514 (replaces Test Code 4414)
  • Criminal Justice - Test Code 4181 (replaces Test Code 4081)
  • Medical Assisting (only multiple-choice portion revised) - Test Code 4355 (replaces Test Code 4155)
  • Precision Machining - Test Code 4152 (replaces Test Code 4052)
  • Small Animal Science and Technology - Test Code 3103 (replaces Test Code 2003)
  • Small Engine Technology - Test Code 4168 (replaces Test Code 4068)
  • Visual Communications and Multimedia Design - Test Code 3425 (replaces Test Code 2425)

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