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Spring Testing Tips and Reminders

The spring testing season is in full swing! Managing the testing program takes a tremendous amount of planning and organization for Site Coordinators—not only to ensure a positive testing experience for your students, but also to assure compliance with NOCTI security policies and procedures are followed before, during, and after testing. Here are some reminders and helpful tips to ensure testing at your schools goes off without a hitch!

Before Testing

  • NOCTI Security Policy: Review NOCTI's Security Policy, as well as the Security FAQs (found in the Resources section of the Client Services Center) to ensure your testing program is following all NOCTI policies and procedures.
  • Ordering: Check order timelines when placing orders for NOCTI testing materials, to avoid late fees and ensure everything arrives in time for your testing dates.

    Orders for Online Multiple Choice Tests
    Processed within 2 business days
    Orders for Performance Tests or Paper/Pencil Multiple Choice Tests
    Scheduled test date Order must be received at NOCTI
    July 1 through December 31 2 weeks prior to earliest test date
    January 1 through June 30 4 weeks prior to earliest test date
    Study Guides, Countdown Kits, Other Products
    Products will be shipped 2 weeks from receipt of order at NOCTI.
    Orders requesting less than the required lead time may be
    subject to rush fees. Contact NOCTI for details.
  • Ordering: Check the contents of your order (in the Client Services Center or shipped boxes) as soon as it is received to verify the number of user codes, test booklets, study guides, or countdown kits and the test titles match your order. Contact NOCTI immediately if there are any discrepancies.
  • Resources: The Client Services Center offers many helpful resources to get you and your staff ready for testing. The Resources section includes security FAQs, Instructor Prep Packs for performance testing, checklists to help you stay on track, proctor and evaluator training materials, a Site Coordinator Guide that covers the entire testing process, and many more! Be sure to download these resources and share with staff as appropriate.
  • Proctors and Evaluators: Allow your multiple-choice test proctors and performance test evaluators time to review the proctor and evaluator guides prior to test administration. These guides are downloadable from the Client Services Center and are also shipped with testing materials.
  • Test Materials Security: NOCTI encourages implementing a check out/check in process for Site Coordinators, proctors, and evaluators before and after administration to assist in ensuring test materials security. A Check Out/Check In Form is provided in the Resources section of the Client Services Center.
  • Test User Codes: Ensure accuracy by assigning student names to user codes before your test date. Remember to use Participant IDs that are unique to each test taker.
  • Participant IDs: The same participant ID must be used for a participant on both the pre- and post-test. Do not re-use participant IDs from previous years which were used by other test takers

During Testing

  • Allowable Resources for Testing Sessions: When planning for test administration, always check the Instructor Prep Packs (downloadable from the Client Services Center) and appropriate Proctor Guides to ensure all equipment, materials, supplies, and allowable resources are available for the testing session.
  • Materials and Supplies for Multiple-Choice Testing:
    • Proctor Guide (provided by NOCTI with shipped materials or downloadable from the Client Services Center)
    • Clock or watch
    • Supply of #2 soft lead pencils with erasers and pencil sharpener (particularly for paper/pencil administration)
    • Scrap paper
    • Chalkboard and chalk or whiteboard and marker, for recording the time and other pertinent information
    • Non-programmable/non-recording calculators (the online testing system offers a built-in four-function calculator for test takers)
  • Materials and Resources for Performance Testing: A complete list of the needed equipment, materials, and supplies for each performance test can be found in the Instructor Prep Pack and is also included in the Evaluator Guide for the specific test.

After Testing

  • Test Materials Security: Ensure all test materials are returned to the Site Coordinator by using the Check Out/In Form found in the Client Services Center.
  • Performance Testing: Verify all performance ratings (if appropriate) have been entered into the online system or recorded in the correct section of the answer sheet before submitting for scoring.
  • Releasing User Codes for Scoring: Check your Client Services Center frequently to make sure user codes have all been released for score processing and contact NOCTI about any “in process” user codes.
  • Score Reports: Official Score Reports are available in the Client Services Center 2-3 business days after test materials are sent to NOCTI. Be sure to visit Scoring Resources for information about reading and interpreting the Score Reports. Reports can be downloaded as PDFs or exported to Excel, in order to share with your teachers.
  • Student Testing Certificates: Certificates are provided for all NOCTI assessment completers. Be sure to download and provide these certificates to your teachers and students.
  • College Credit Reports: A College Credit Recommendation Report will be generated for each eligible student (those meeting a 70% benchmark on an approved NOCTI multiple-choice credential) at no additional cost. Be sure to provide these reports to teachers as well. Visit NOCTI's website here for additional information on College Credit Recommendations.
  • NOCTI SkillBadge™: Students achieving a 70% benchmark on a NOCTI multiple-choice credential will earn a digital badge recognizing their achievement! Learn more about digital badges and the benefits they offer to students here.


 SME Spotlight: Scott Little

Scott Little

Scott Little teaches Construction Technology at Carrigan Career Center in Wichita Falls, Texas. Here, he provides juniors and seniors with a basic understanding of the construction industry in a two-year program. The main goal of the program is to prepare students for future construction careers and college curriculum.

Scott first encountered NOCTI two years ago when his school implemented the NOCTI Carpentry credential. Although his school originally added the test to enhance the program’s certification element, Scott says that the scoring data gives him a better picture of the knowledge his students retain and where additional help is needed. Beyond this, it is always exciting for him to see students pass a NOCTI exam.

In addition to administering this test, Scott helped revise it. Last year, he attended a five-day webinar-based test revision workshop with other Subject Matter Experts in his field from different states. These revision webinars, scheduled in the evening over a two-week span, is an added time commitment for Scott and most other participants involved. They take part in many activities including reviewing test content and supplemental materials, sharing their recommendations, and even preparing content for blueprints, exams, and study guides. This is all in addition to teaching or engaging in other industry work, usually shortly before their web conference sign-in.

During this revision process, Scott held himself to high standards. His main goal was to provide quality questions worthy of a “certification test” title. He noted that it can be challenging to incorporate the views of other professionals from across the country with varying cultures, languages, and architectural styles, but that these differences are absolutely essential when writing a national exam.

He considers the revision process a privilege, stating that not everyone has the chance to contribute to the “strength and vitality” of the construction industry at a national level. He stated that sharing insight with other professionals in his field, many of whom have diverse vocational backgrounds, expertise, and even reside in different geographic locations, was both “unique and rewarding.”


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