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  NOCTI's 2018 Video Contest Now Open!

Rock the NOCTI Video Contest 2018Encourage your students to enter the NOCTI 2018 Video Contest! Students can show off their creativity for a chance to win prizes for their CTE program.

Get ready to rock! The theme for NOCTI's 2018 Video Contest is "Rock The NOCTI!" Highlight the exciting spectrum of possibilities CTE offers by showcasing your personal experiences. Create the video on your own or gather a group of classmates to join in the fun. Use your imagination to create a video that creatively, cleverly, and concisely highlights and explores the endless possibilities of success that can be achieved through CTE.

Eligible videos must be produced during the 2017-18 school year and be submitted to NOCTI by January 31, 2018. Winners will be announced during NOCTI’s February 2018 CTE Month Celebration. Go here for more details, and to check out the 2017 winners!

 10 Things CTE Teachers Need to Know

Your First Year in CTE: 10 Things to KnowThose of you that have been a part of the CTE community for some years know that few states have a clear and easy path to CTE teacher certification for those coming from industry. I was lucky enough to work in a state that had a pretty good system for recruiting and retaining quality CTE teachers from industry. As a system we produced close to 100 new CTE teachers each year, and while working for one of three universities charged with helping industry professionals make the transition from work-place to school-place, I learned a couple of things about that population.

Your First Year in CTE: 10 More Things to KnowI learned that people who want to become CTE teachers are a special breed. 1) A typical CTE teacher entering their new career enters with years of industry experience, 2) A typical CTE teacher entering their new career comes from the top of their previous field; they are respected for their knowledge and skills and are accustomed to working collaboratively with peers, and 3) A typical CTE teacher entering their new career makes a lifelong commitment to continuing education. Not only do they have to catch up with skills needed for their new profession, but they also have to maintain and continue to enhance the skills acquired from their previous position.

I also learned a bit about what was going on in other states. I learned that not very many states did anything like what I was involved in, probably less than ten of them. This made me wonder how new CTE teachers are being prepared, and I found that in some cases there wasn’t even a certification process in place! With CTE enrollments increasing and CTE teacher ranks retiring, this becomes an obvious problem.

Beyond Your First Year in CTE: 10 Additional Things to KnowBecause of our connection to CTE teacher certification, NOCTI and ACTE have partnered and recently completed a series of new CTE teacher resources. The first book entitled Your First Year in CTE: 10 Things to Know is a resource to help new CTE teachers in their first 3 months. It's about understanding the relationships and the hierarchy of a school and its students, administrators, and parents. It emphasizes the differences from a teacher’s previous life and how to survive not only a new job but a complete restart of your career. Our second book, Your First Year in CTE: 10 More Things to Know, is geared toward new CTE teachers who have just completed their first year. It explains the basic resources that every CTE teacher uses: equipment safety, lesson planning, designing a test, defining competence, and working with advisory committees. Our third book in the series is for those teachers that have made it to year three, and it’s titled Beyond Your First Year in CTE: 10 Additional Things to Know. This book’s focus is about becoming a professional- a member of the business and local community, and about giving back to one’s profession.

The First Year in CTE books are a great series, and when all three books are combined they also contain about 75 examples from CTE teachers all over the nation to help guide and inform your practice. The books are available at ShopACTE, and there is a bulk discount for purchasing the full series.

John Foster
NOCTI and Nocti Business Solutions

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