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Choose a Site Coordinator

There is no cost to become a NOCTI customer.  A Site Coordinator must be designated to oversee the testing program and be the primary contact for the site. Site Coordinators must be in an administrative role, cannot be an instructor and will complete a NOCTI testing agreement to get started.

Once an account is established, Site Coordinators will receive a welcome email with account details and log in credentials to a secure, online Client Services Center used to manage the testing program and place orders.

Site Coordinator Responsibilities at a Glance

  • Work with instructional staff to:
    • select assessments
    • schedule testing
    • review score reports
  • Designate appropriate proctors and evaluators
  • Ensure security processes and procedures are followed
  • Facilitate order process

Select an Assessment

NOCTI provides comprehensive Assessment Blueprints to assist Site Coordinators and teachers with selecting the appropriate assessment for their programs. Crosswalking the blueprints to program content will assist in selecting the appropriate assessment to be used. Blueprints provide an overview of the core standards and competencies measured on the assessment. Sample questions and performance jobs, the number of questions/performance jobs, and administration information are included.

A Practical Guide for Selecting Technical Assessments

Explore Training Options

NOCTI provides a variety of no-cost training options and materials to help manage a successful assessment program. New Site Coordinators are encouraged to participate in a training webinar to become familiar with the resources available. Register for a live Site Coordinator 101 Webinar with a question and answer session.

Place Orders

Once a Site Coordinator is designated and an account with NOCTI has been established, orders are placed through the Client Services Center. The Client Services Center also provides helpful tools and resources for managing your assessment program.


Ordering Lead Times

* Orders placed with less than the requested lead time may be subject to rush processing fees. Contact NOCTI for details. This timeline includes all paper/pencil written and performance test orders and performance tests ordered with online rating entry.

Parents may order a Study Guide if not offered through your student’s classroom. For additional resources visit our Parents and Students page.

Site Coordinators typically place orders for Study Guides and Countdown Kits. Teachers may place an order for these products if they are not purchased by your school. For additional resources visit our Teacher's Corner.

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