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CTE provides an unparalleled learning environment for students to acquire both “hands-on” skills and certain “know-how” skills. Measuring these skills is essential to ensure that students are ready to enter their chosen career field or further their education. NOCTI performance assessments provide an opportunity for students to “show what they know.”

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Performance assessments allow students to demonstrate their acquired skills by completing actual jobs using the tools, materials, machines, and equipment characteristic of the occupation. Performance assessments:
  • Are beneficial for students with test anxiety in paper/pencil testing situations
  • Demonstrate the level of conceptual and procedural knowledge for a more complete picture of acquired skills
  • Provide data on student performance that can be used to continually improve instructional programs
  • Engage advisory committee members by encouraging them to:
    • Serve as third-party evaluators to score student performance tests
    • Provide feedback for program improvement based on observations during test administration
    • Sponsor the program through donations of supplies and equipment
Consider NOCTI Performance assessments for your students!
  • Receive a reduced price when ordering written and performance assessment combination packages
  • Performance assessment packages include complete instructions and a materials list for preparing workstations

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