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At times it may be necessary to allow accommodations when administering online or paper/pencil assessments. Below are examples of allowable accommodations for students with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).
Text-to-Speech (TTS)
Visual Assistance

TTS is available at no additional cost. Students hear the question and answer choices and can
view them in
a larger font.

A reader may be assigned to read both online and paper/pencil assessments, as appropriate, for participants who have been
identified as needing this accommodation.

Online test participants can click on a graphic or diagram to enlarge it for easier viewing.
Large print versions of our paper/pencil assessment
booklets are available
when requested in advance.
Assessment Booklets
Time Extensions
Multiple Sessions

In some cases, paper/pencil administration is necessary to satisfy IEP requirements. NOCTI offers paper/pencil testing for many of
its assessments.

QuadNetTM has the ability to incorporate extended time requests for online testing. Sites may also allow extended time for paper/pencil assessments.

Online and paper/pencil assessments can be administered in up to three sessions for most test titles.

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