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 A Message from Dr. John Foster, NOCTI President/CEO

Career and Technical Education (CTE) is the backbone for training in the American workforce - a workforce that grows our economy, offers independence to its participants, and enhances our way of life. NOCTI has been, and continues to be committed to CTE for over 50 years. We know that when the impact of this pandemic fades our nation will continue to need nationally certified technical workers - workers whose competence and knowledge can be verified.

NOCTI has compiled a list of resources and opportunities to help CTE learners acquire simple to complex skills, to stay engaged in learning, and to measure growth. You'll find resources to improve instructional strategies, as well as many opportunities for personal growth! Many of these resources have been specifically designed with social distancing in mind. Please utilize these services and let us know how we can help you enhance the learning that you provide for those interested in the high-skill, high-wage, and in-demand work of the future.

 Digital Study Guides for At-Home Student Engagement

NOCTI is offering its Digital Study Guides during fall 2020 at a 30% discount to provide students and educators an additional learning resource during the COVID-19 pandemic. Available 24/7 on all devices, the online platform offers tools for students and educators. Study guides are much more than a test-prep tool. They are a great resource for virtual learning, beneficial for any related program, and can assist in keeping any student associated with a Career and Technical Education program engaged!

  • Students and teachers can monitor progress.
  • Integrated questions assist with assessing student comprehension.
  • Students can indicate competencies where extra assistance is needed.
  • Teachers can plan exercises around the competencies.
  • Students and teachers can communicate about the content.

How to Order

Order digital study guides in packages of ten through your account at the Client Services Center. Apply the offer during checkout to receive your discounted pricing. New to NOCTI? Complete a Security and Testing Agreement to create an account.

 Remote Proctoring

NOCTI offers remote proctoring through ProctorU. If your site is interested in utilizing NOCTI pre-tests or offering credentials and/or certifications, NOCTI's remote proctoring option is an ideal interim solution while social distancing is in place.

A ProctorU remote proctoring session includes a live proctor overseeing the test administration. All accrediting bodies, national testing associations, and the Association of Test Publishers agree this type of proctoring is the ideal option for high stakes credentialing. The fee for remote proctoring is $45.00 per test when ordered through NOCTI. NOCTI coordinates the remote proctoring session with the testing site and ProctorU to schedule testing windows and assessments are taken using NOCTI's online testing system.

Customers with an active account are eligible to order the remote proctoring option through NOCTI's Client Services Center. If your organization is not a current client, getting started with NOCTI is fast and easy. Review and complete our Security and Testing Agreement. To learn more, email NOCTI at nocti@nocti.org.

 Digital Badges - Keep Students Engaged and Recognize Achievements!

NOCTI's digital badge system provides organizations the ability to issue badges on demand for a variety of initiatives or programs, and for keeping students engaged and motivated as they complete courses, projects, and activities. On-demand badge tools allow badge issuers to create and award digital badges and track usage 24/7. It's as simple as creating a badge with an eye-catching image, outlining the requirements for earning the badge, and describing the program or initiative to which the badge is linked.

Teachers can provide student encouragement and motivation through digital badges even while at home or working in a hybrid learning environment! We know the uncertainty that exists as students return to school this fall and want to help you ensure your students are learning! Think about the benefits of awarding a digital badge for more discrete pieces of content. NOCTI offers digital badges through a subscription-based badge system that can be used to recognize students based on criteria you determine.

The opportunities for utilizing NOCTI's badge system during this time when the traditional classroom education has been interrupted are endless

Contact nocti@nocti.org to learn more!

 What Have Your Students Learned?

Use NOCTI's diagnostic assessments to find out where to start instruction for the student cohorts you are responsible for. Find out what your students retained by comparing their knowledge to expected industry standards. Administered as a pre-test, administration can be offered at the beginning of the new school year or at a point in time during the year. Detailed scoring data allows teachers and students the ability to easily identify areas of strong knowledge, those areas where learning is still needed, and assists with creating individualized instruction and learning plans.

 Ideas to Use During COVID-19

Organizations serving the CTE community are putting their creative thinking skills to use finding ways to continue student learning. Many have reached out to NOCTI for ideas on how they can help ensure their students have the opportunity to earn the credentials they have been working toward. While some decisions may depend on approval from a state department of education or local district policy, here are some ideas that may spark some conversations within your organization!

for Everyone

Considerations for
CTE State Directors
and Local CTE

Considerations for
CTE Teachers

General Considerations for Everyone

Take advantage of NOCTI's extensions for user codes. User codes for most testing programs have been extended through June 30, 2021.

Review NOCTI's on-demand webinars as part of an ongoing instructional development program for your staff, instructional leaders, and paraprofessionals. Webinars are available on the following topics:

Check out NOCTI's Publications on the following topics:

Enroll your staff in one of three virtual development programs. All programs are based on the popular ACTE/NOCTI book series for teachers, administrators, and those working with data.

New CTE Teacher Course (6 days)
New CTE Administrator Course (6 days)
Working with Data and Improving Your School (3 days)

Considerations for CTE State Directors and Local CTE Administrators

Schedule a virtual meeting to conduct an analysis of schoolwide data with one of our experts.

Order the Administrative Leadership: 10 Things to Know publication series for new CTE administrators.

Refresh your skills in using data for program improvement with the Putting Your Data to Work publication.

Review NOCTI's on-demand webinars called Spotlight Series: Evaluating the Quality of Technical Credentials.

Register for a New CTE Administrator virtual professional development session.

Inquire about a statewide or schoolwide online curriculum and certification package for workplace readiness.

For those that regularly utilize NOCTI and NOCTI partner program credentials, consider reviewing statewide reports regarding how to highlight technical proficiencies within your state.

Considerations for CTE Teachers

Sign up for a New CTE Teacher virtual professional development session.

Order the 10 Things to Know publication series for new CTE teachers.

Learn more about using data for data-driven decision making with the Putting Your Data to Work publication.

Review NOCTI's teacher-focused on-demand webinars on the following topics:

Take advantage of the review opportunities available by using digital study guides with incoming CTE students.

Check out free online curriculum from Today's Class and low-cost certification packages for workplace readiness from NOCTI.