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Cut Score Project Information Page

Welcome to the NOCTI Criterion Referenced Cut Score Project Information Page!

Thank you for your interest in the Cut Score Project. NOCTI is pleased to be able to provide criterion based cut scores for its Job Ready and Teacher Assessments. Click on the headings below to learn more...



Getting Started

User Codes & Passwords

Ready To Go... But... Common Problems & Solutions


Other Opportunities to Work with NOCTI




Cut scores are developed by assembling a committee of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from across the country. If you are interested in being considered please contact Julie Vanhala at Julie.vanhala@nocti.org. NOCTI is pleased to offer an honorarium of $100 for each test title that is benchmarked.

Cut scores are developed using two simple statistical methods that will be explained in the training.

All test reviews will be done online at your own pace over the course of an entire week.

Who qualifies to be a Subject Matter Expert?

A Subject Matter expert must have a minimium of 3-5 years of occupational experience in the field. This includes incumbent workers and teachers both at the secondary and post-secondary level. Ideally we would like to have a minimium of 3 to 4 SMEs from as many states as we can recruit across the country. If a teacher has an Occupational Advisory Committee, this is a great source for potential Subject Matter experts. You do not have to be familiar with NOCTI Assessments in order to participate.

What tools will I need in order to participate?

You will need to have access to a computer with internet access both for training and to complete your review of the assessments. You will need to turn off all popup blockers, as well as be using one of the following Internet browsers:

Windows Systems
Minimum Operation System and Hardware Requirements
  • Windows 7 and above.
  • 1024 x 768 resolution is highly recommended

Internet Browsers Supported
  • Firefox 39 or higher
  • Google Chrome 50 or higher

Note: This website works best in Chrome or Firefox versions that support CSS3.

Mac Systems
Minimum Operation System and Hardware Requirements
  • OS X version 10.9 or higher

Internet Browsers Supported
  • Safari 9.1.2 or higher
  • Firefox 39 or higher

Mobile Devices
This site supports most Android tablets and iPads manufactured since 2010, provided the browser specifications meet those defined above. Please use our online practice test at Try the Testing System at http:testing.nocti.org before planning large scale use of tablets.

It is strongly recommended to also install the latest version of Adobe Reader for participation. Although older version may function, the latest version will avoid any timely issues. You may download and install the latest version here:

While our online testing system is simple to use, it does require a basic knowledge of computers and an ability to send and receive emails.

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Training is done using GoToMeeting, a teleconferencing tool that utilizes your computer and a telephone in order to see and hear the session. If you have never worked with GoToMeeting before please take a moment to visit the GoToMeeting site.

Invitations to training sessions will be sent via email. Just log on a few minutes before the start of the meeting.

In order to log on to the training session simply pull up the GoToMeeting invitation that was emailed to you:

  1. Dial the toll free number
  2. Click on the GoToMeeting link found in the invitation
  3. Install GoToMeeting connectivity software (installs automatically after you connect to the page).  This will allow you participate in the session and will only take a few minutes

If this is your first time using GoToMeeting please be sure to log on 5 – 10 minutes earlier so that you can get extra help if needed.  As a courtesy to all SMEs, training sessions start on time.

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ALL SMEs must complete a Cut Score SME Form. This is a tool to allow us to capture your contact information as well as obtaining crucial information about your background and expertise.


Once you have completed an hour long training session, you will be sent a user code and password that will allow you to access your assessment online. Assessments are available at http://testing.nocti.org/cutscores. If you are reviewing more than one exam you will have a separate user code/password for each test.

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  • I can’t locate the website to begin my review.  The website that houses all the exams for the cut score project is testing.nocti.org/cutscores.  This address is typed in the top address line of your internet provider and NOT in the search line.  Be sure to type it in exactly as it appears with no other prefixes.

  • My password doesn’t work.  Passwords are upper and lower case sensitive.  Try reentering the password slowly.  If you are still not successful, call or email Julie Vanhala (800) 334-6283, ext 243, or Julie.vanhala@nocti.org.  She will verify your password and attempt to log on using your name. If your time has expired, (everyone is given a week in order to complete the exam review) your passwords will no longer work.  Please contact Julie Vanhala to continue.

  • I am unable to view the Performance portion of the exam.  If you are not able to view the performance exam it may mean that you do not have the latest version of Adobe Reader. To install the latest version simply click here

  • I am reviewing my assessment and have found an error in the test. If you come across a typo or any other error in the please email your findings to Julie.vanhala@nocti.org. All comments and suggestions will be reviewed and are appreciated.


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Checks for honorariums are mailed out 4-6 weeks after completion of your reviews. If you are reviewing more than one exam, one check will be cut rather than individual checks.

A W9 must be completed annually in order for honorariums to be paid. Copies of W9 will be sent to you electronically along with simple instructions on how to complete and submit them to NOCTI.

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Other Opportunities to work with NOCTI

Please click here to view information on the NOCTI revision process and other opportunities to be a part of this important process.

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Comments about test questions are welcome. Please forward this information in email form to Julie Vanhala  at Julie.vanhala@nocti.org. Be sure to include the Test Title, question number and your feedback.

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