Professional Network

Subject Matter Experts

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are an essential part of a successful credential development or revision project. SMEs are business and industry representatives and teachers (secondary and postsecondary) who have at least three years of technical experience in the field. Led by a trained NOCTI facilitator, SME teams evaluate existing standards and content to ensure revised and new credentials measure competency at the industry-standard level.


  • Review existing national, industry, and state standards to determine critical content
  • Revise and/or develop standards and competencies
  • Review competencies affiliated with each standard and assign weight by importance
  • Review/revise items and performance jobs from the NOCTI item bank
  • Create new items and performance jobs aligned to content measured
  • Develop performance jobs according to standards
  • Develop criteria for evaluating performance jobs
  • Provide graphics and resources as needed, with the cooperation of the team

Become a Subject Matter Expert

NOCTI is looking for qualified individuals to serve on upcoming development and revision teams. SME team meetings are usually conducted online and are scheduled in the evening hours to minimize interference with daytime schedules. Contact us if you are interested in becoming an SME.


Area Test Centers

Area Test Centers (ATCs) are established by State Departments of Education for the purpose of testing career and technical education teachers and teacher candidates and are located throughout the United States.


Carl J. Schaefer Memorial Award

Dr. Carl J. Schaefer was a lifelong champion in career and technical education (CTE). He gained national recognition as a CTE educator and author and was one of NOCTI’s founding fathers. To honor Dr. Schaefer, NOCTI is proud to sponsor the “Carl J. Schaefer Memorial Award” as a tribute to Dr. Schaefer’s memory and to recognize an outstanding CTE teacher or CTE teacher candidate.

Schaefer Award

C. Thomas Olivo Outstanding Service Award

This prestigious award, named after one of the founders of NOCTI, was established in 1980. The purpose of the award is to recognize test coordinators, administrators, state/national policymakers, or CTE association leaders for their work in advocating an equitable assessment system which uses technical assessment data to improve instruction. Each year nominations are accepted from the CTE community and are reviewed by a committee representing NOCTI staff, the Board of Trustees, and the Consortium of States. The Olivo Award recipient is typically announced at the NOCTI Reception held in conjunction with the Annual ACTE Convention.

Olivo Award