Reporting & Data

Learn to expect more than simply a total score or a pass/fail. NOCTI’s in-depth score reporting provides educators the data needed for recognizing student achievement, promoting continuous program and instructional improvement, and meeting regulatory requirements. NOCTI’s standard score report package includes individual, group, and comparative reports. Sub-scores included in the report assist in identifying student and program gains as well as areas for improvement.

Normative data includes average scores for groups, testing sites, as well as state and national averages. A criterion-referenced cut score sets the point on a test at which a participant could be considered a minimally competent candidate, or one who is ready for an entry-level position in the chosen field. Both normative data and criterion-referenced cut scores are included on the standard score reports for all Job Ready and Pathway credentials. This information can be a helpful resource when analyzing score results for gauging student knowledge and determining program improvement needs. Please contact us if you wish to access this data.

Our Report Package


Individual Report


  • Individual score reports are provided for each participant. Scores are provided for each standard and a pre/post-test comparison is provided if a pre-test was administered.
Group Report Sample

Group Report

A group report is provided for the entire testing group. This report gives standard and competency results for each participant and can assist with analyzing a group’s performance and identifying potential program improvements.

Analysis Scores Sample

Analysis of Scores Report

This report is provided for the entire testing group. It contains data on how scores compare to group, state, and national averages as well as the criterion-referenced cut score.

Competency Report

Competency Report

Competency Reports are part of the standard score report package for all NOCTI credentialing assessments, as well as for many of our Partner Network programs. Analyzing Competency Reports is beneficial for discussing student learning methods and overall areas in need of improvement. The competency summary extract provides the ability to pull data on a variety of filters, resulting in a data extract that is customized to your needs.

College Credit Report Sample

College Credit Recommendation Report

Automatically generated for eligible students meeting the 70% benchmark, this report may be presented to participating colleges or universities for credit consideration. Please work directly with the program you are attending or wish to attend to explore available college credit opportunities.​

Customized Reports

NOCTI excels at developing custom reports that provide actionable data for use at local and state levels. For times when additional report formats are needed, NOCTI works with clients to design custom reporting tools and report formats. Stakeholder access to detailed data and reports is critical in making data-driven decisions that support learning and program improvement. From local and state-level annual reports, demographic analyses, and comparisons to benchmarks, NOCTI can customize reports to get the data that is important to you.