For CTE Professionals

Data Book 3rd Edition

Putting Your Data to Work: Improving Instruction in CTE

Revised by NOCTI and ACTE, the third edition of Putting Your Data to Work explores the various aspects of data-driven improvement in instruction. It specifically targets the importance of gradient objective credential data and the importance of disaggregation highlighted in Perkins V. Updated concepts and “how-to” examples are beneficial to all educators. Apply these valuable approaches to increase your students’ success!

For Teachers

CTE 10 Things to Know

Your First Year in CTE: 10 Things to Know

Although there are many books focused on teaching strategies and tips for new teachers, there are few resources available for new CTE teachers. There are even fewer resources for individuals coming to the field from alternative teacher preparation programs. As a joint publication between NOCTI and ACTE, this book’s overall focus is on how teachers can help CTE students succeed.

10 More Things to Know

Your First Year in CTE: 10 More Things to Know

Exploring beyond a CTE teacher’s first three months, this book focuses on the importance of expanding relationships with students, parents, other educators, and industry. Surviving and thriving as a new CTE teacher takes mentoring, encouragement, and a whole lot of networking; this book provides the basic tools to help build and support a successful CTE program.

10 Additional Things to Know

Your First Year in CTE: 10 Additional Things to Know

The final installment of the First Year in CTE series, this book is for those who have decided to continue their career as a CTE professional. The book focuses on understanding the impacts of state and federal legislation on the CTE classroom, the criticality of gaining visibility in the community, being involved in a student’s future, and making contributions to the CTE profession.

For Administrators

10 Things to Know in Your First Year

CTE Administrative Leadership: 10 Things to Know

Just as there is a growing national need for CTE teachers, there is also a national shortage of CTE administrative leaders. From NOCTI and ACTE, the first installment of this series includes key information on the fundamental skills needed for a CTE administrator to be successful. Topics include developing faculty trust and cooperation, engaging employers, aligning the curriculum, developing board relationships, and understanding funding basics.

10 More Things to Know Admin

CTE Administrative Leadership: 10 More Things to Know

The second book in NOCTI and ACTE’s Administrative Leadership series focuses on the role of a successful CTE leader. Administrators will learn about data collection and reporting, as well as personnel and budgeting activities that occur later in their first year. This book is an indispensable read for every new and aspiring CTE administrator and serves as a valuable refresher for veteran leaders.

10 More Things to Know

CTE Administrative Leadership: 10 Additional Things to Know

The final book in the CTE Administrative Leadership series focuses on the essential role CTE programs play in the community and the key role of a CTE administrator. Topics include planning for change, implementing clinical supervision, understanding work-based learning models, managing data security, and selling a budget. CTE administrators at all levels can benefit from this resource through content, case studies, and best practices from a national perspective!