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What is a Digital Badge?

A digital badge is a unique way to promote a three-dimensional picture of an individual, allowing viewers to see beyond a report card or traditional certificate. Badges offer a means to display and validate individual achievements, as well as verify competence through projects, programs, courses, credentials, and other activities. From being used as a tool to impact retention and motivation, recognizing achievements outside of the classroom, and allowing employers to find candidates with specific skills, badges have the potential to positively impact learners, employers, and the workforce.

Badging Options

NOCTI’s digital badge system provides organizations the ability to issue badges on-demand for a variety of initiatives and programs or for credentialing assessments delivered through NOCTI’s online testing system. On-demand badge tools allow issuers to create and award digital badges and track usage 24/7. It’s as simple as creating a badge with an eye-catching image, outlining the requirements for earning the badge, and describing the program or initiative to which the badge is linked. The opportunities for utilizing NOCTI’s badge system are endless!

Digital Badge Options

Earned a Badge – Now What?

Nocti Skillbadge Locker

NOCTI SkillBadge Locker™

The NOCTI SkillBadge Locker™ is a private, password-protected site for badge earners to store and manage their badges, import badges earned outside of NOCTI’s system, and create collections based on badge similarities. The locker also allows for sharing of badges through social media outlets and exporting of badges to other systems or digital resumes.

Individuals earning badges receive email notification of the award and instructions for accessing the locker. Badge earners control who can see their badges. Once a badge is shared, the metadata linked to the badge can be accessed by the viewer. Metadata includes things such as name of the badge, background information on the badge issuer, criteria for earning the badge, and links to external standards to which the credential is aligned.


What is NOCTI’s SkillBadge Locker™?

NOCTI’s SkillBadge Locker™ is a private password-protected site for accessing badges awarded by NOCTI.

How do I access my badge?

If you qualify for a badge, an email notification will be sent to the email address provided during login with instructions for accessing the badge. Access NOCTI’s SkillBadge Locker™ to register, view, and download/export each badge earned.

How do I share my badge?

Once a badge has been posted to the SkillBadge Locker™, you have a variety of options for sharing the badge with others. The badge can be shared on professional and social networks as well as being downloaded as a PDF.

Who can see my badge?

The test taker controls who sees their badge. Once shared on social media or linked to on a resume, the badge gives the viewer specific information on the credential. Students may use these badges to showcase skills and accomplishments beyond grades listed on a report card.

How will an employer know what the badge means?

Anyone with access to view the badge will be able to hover over the badge to view the data linked to the badge. This includes the name of the credential, background information on the badge issuer, criteria for earning the badge, and links to any external standards to which the credential is aligned.