Allowable accommodations are available only for test takers with a formalized plan in place (e.g., Individualized Education Plan (IEP), 504 Plan). Accommodations for English Language Learners (ELL) should align with state requirements and guidelines. It is a site’s obligation to ensure learners receive the proper accommodations according to local, state, and federal requirements.

Online and paper/pencil credentialing assessments can be administered in up to three sessions for most test titles.

In some cases, paper/pencil administration is necessary to satisfy IEP requirements. NOCTI offers paper/pencil testing for many of its credentials.

A reader may be assigned to read both online and paper/pencil credentialing assessments for participants who have been identified as needing this accommodation.

Text-to-speech is available through QuadNet™, NOCTI’s online testing system. Participants hear the question and answer choices read aloud and can view them in a larger font.

QuadNet™ has the ability to incorporate extended time requests for online administration. Sites may also allow extended time for paper/pencil administration.

Online test participants can enlarge a graphic or diagram for easier viewing. Large print versions of our paper/pencil credentialing assessment booklets are available when requested in advance.