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Online Testing Through QuadNet™

QuadNet™ is a proprietary NOCTI-developed solution for online test delivery and credentialing program management. Delivering online credentialing assessments quickly and securely, with 24/7 system accessibility and user-friendly navigation, the QuadNet™ system is an invaluable tool for online assessment management. In addition to administering all credentials for NOCTI and Nocti Business Solutions, QuadNet™ is capable of handling delivery for anyone seeking an online solution.

  • User-Friendly
  • Zero Footprint
  • Windows and Mac Compatible
  • Secure, Encrypted Sessions
  • Real-Time Capture of Responses
  • Multiple-Session Administration
  • Online Calculator
  • Accommodations (Text-to-Speech & Extended Time)

QuadNet™ was built specifically for our customers and is continuously being updated and improved. Our testing system is secure, user-friendly, and delivers immediate results. Explore the full list of features and capabilities by signing up for a free demo.

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