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Backed by 50 years of credentialing experience, NOCTI webinars are designed to help all industry credential and certification professionals, as well as career and technical education (CTE) instructors and administrators. We answer common questions, provide resources, spotlight key topics in CTE, and connect attendees to a greater community of professionals working to advance CTE. Please contact us if you’d like a custom webinar to address your specific challenges.

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Using NOCTI for Improvement

Periodically, NOCTI highlights success stories from our clients, partners, and those with whom we collaborate. This video focuses on a unique strategy involving NOCTI assessment results, the MAX Teaching Strategy, and a group of individuals from York Tech focused on improvement!


Using Data

Pre-Testing Data at Work

Across the country, teachers are utilizing pre-test reports to see a powerful snapshot of the entire class, as well as individual student performance. Dive deeper into the pre-test, including proven strategies educators can utilize for growth and achievement.



Diving in to the Data

Learn how taking a deeper look at the data can show interesting trends.  When put to use, these trends can lead to informed curriculum improvement, instructional methods, and lesson planning. 


Using Data

Workforce Readiness and the Connection to a Global Economy

Engage in the conversation on the global nature of career pathways and the skills students will need for success. Introducing Global Competence through CTE- a FREE professional development resource and toolkit from Asia Society, ACTE, and Advance CTE.


Employability Skills

Putting Your Data to Work

Perkins V legislation includes a focus on data and accountability, making it even more critical that every educator has a thorough understanding of data-driven decision making. Hear from industry experts on how to put your data to use!


Using Data

The American Culinary Federation – More Than Just Certification

Jeremy Abbey, Certification Director for the ACF shares information on ACF’s Certification ladder, useful for all culinary programs.


Partner Network

10 Things CTE Teachers Need to Know!

CTE teachers are a unique group and are in demand. This video discusses the need for CTE teachers and the support and resources available to help them be successful!


CTE Teachers

Becoming a CTE Administrator: 10 Things to Know!

The growth and success of CTE around the country combined with the lack of CTE administrator training in universities has created a shortage of CTE administrators. This video discusses resources available to individuals in their first year as a new CTE Administrator.


CTE Administrators

Ten More Things CTE Teachers Need to Know

Surviving and thriving as a new CTE teacher takes mentoring, encouragement, and a whole lot of networking. Join us as we continue the conversation, covering expanding relationships and enhancing classroom content with CTSOs.


CTE Teachers

Teaching CTE Beyond Your First Year

Join us for the third and final installment of our popular First Year in CTE webinar series. This video focuses on gaining visibility in the community and giving back, as well as becoming a CTE professional.


CTE Teachers

Micro-Credentials and Digital Badges

Imagine, a three-dimensional picture of an individual, allowing viewers to see beyond a report card. Education Associates discusses how they are incorporating micro-credentials to verify technical competence through projects, programs, courses, assessments, and digital badges to recognize individual achievements.


Digital Badges

Teachers- Make Every Day Count!

Explore the 3 Ps for new CTE teachers: 1) Be Prepared. Explore the impact of instructional planning, share strategies to ensure lessons focus on academic, technical and 21st century skills, as well as placing a focus on the needs of industry. 2) Be Proactive. Strategies on how to effectively deal with off-task behavior. 3) Be Purposeful. How to know what your students have learned at the end of each lesson and what you can do to ensure mastery.


CTE Teachers

Evaluating the Quality of Technical Credentials

Credentials have become a shorthand for technical competence, regardless of the career one pursues. How do you know if the vehicle (the assessment) the credential is based on is of high quality? Are we overlooking the value of the output data to continuously improve those technical training programs? Join us as we provide some hints to help you determine quality credentials.


Credential Quality

Translating Life Experiences to College Credit

Research has been conducted regarding the positive impact of obtaining credits prior to enrolling for a degree on both program retention and degree completion. One method of obtaining these credits is through a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), and PLA has become an important part of the new higher education landscape. Though there are many ways for individuals to gain academic credits in advance of enrollment, what exists to obtain credit for work experience and on-the-job training? Discover how individuals, particularly adults, active military, and military veterans can obtain credit toward a degree program for the knowledge and skills they have gained on the job.


College Credit


NOCTI shares ideas and resources to consider in the age of social distancing. Check out information about measuring learning loss, providing credentialing opportunities for 2020 graduates, and keeping skills current through our new virtual professional development.


COVID Resources

Quality and the CTE Administrator

Dive into five quality programming components that CTE administrators can use as a benchmark for assuring quality CTE is being delivered in their schools.


CTE Administrators

More Ideas from NOCTI during the age of social distancing

Dr. Ed Bouquillon and Dr. Sarah Martin join Dr. John Foster to discuss CTE, COVID-19 and some ideas that can be used to make necessary accommodations during social distancing


COVID Resources

Student Assessment and Credentialing during a pandemic

Join us for a panel discussion sponsored by ACTE with panelists from NOCTI, Wisconsin, Utah, and Colorado. This discussion focuses on CTE practitioners offering practical suggestions and philosophical constructs around CTE credentialing and options for credentialing during a pandemic.


COVID Resources