JROTC Credential Development is Underway!

11.13.2020 | News

NOCTI is excited to announce a collaborative credential development project for the Junior Reserve Officer’s Training Corps (JROTC) program. This development is occurring with assistance from subject matter experts (SMEs) associated with the various military branches. While each branch of the military has its own version of the program, all programs align with the core program tenants. This program provides students an opportunity to gain an understanding of the military. Students are also provided with experiences that may help improve their entry-level rank should they wish to serve. In addition, students are immersed in leadership experiences that promote good citizenship.

Individual SMEs were convened from the various armed services branches as well as JROTC program educators. A key component for the success of this project was to ensure the test framework and content were developed to fit the JROTC programs in all branches of the military and to identify the skills and competencies considered most important to each branch. Content focuses on:

  • Team Collaboration
  • Interpersonal Skills/Communication
  • Ethics, Integrity, and Respect
  • Decision Making, Critical Thinking, and Planning
  • Management, Mentorship, and Performance Review
  • Leadership
  • Government, Civic Duty, and Citizenship
  • Career and Self-Discovery

The overwhelming response from the NOCTI and JROTC communities has shown that a credentialing assessment to measure skills necessary for workplace success would be a welcome addition for JROTC programs. There is a lot of excitement around this new opportunity and the goal is to release the new credential for the 2021-22 school year.