Our New Website Launched!

10.29.2020 | News

Welcome to the new NOCTI.org! We’re excited you’re here.

The new site was built based on best practices, years of user data, and input from our talented staff. Its features include:

  • Intuitive and responsive design and layout
  • Refreshed and relevant content about our credentials and services
  • Improved navigation and user experience

And, most importantly, the new website is an accurate and strong representation of our new NOCTI brand! Over the last few months, we worked with our marketing agency, DVS, to dig in and truly identify who we are as an organization and define our WHY, our purpose, in CTE.

NOCTI gives students confidence and credibility in their skills by providing new tools to shape their future. We are advocates focused on changing the perception of and elevating the importance of CTE. We are strategists who use modern tools and methods to provide relevant resources while providing thought leadership in the field we helped pioneer. And, we create communities, connecting students, teachers, and industry experts to help the next generation build their future.

This website does all of that and more. We hope you’ll spend some time looking around and drop us a message if you have any questions!