News from NOCTI (November 2022)

11.15.2022 | News, Newsletters

Fall 2022 was a busy time for NOCTI. Catch up on all the latest news below!

Education Professional Certifications

CTE professionals are in their own educational class and require different pedagogical skills and knowledge. Consider joining our national pilot opportunity for NOCTI’s new CTE credentials for teachers, administrators, and data professionals. These credentials will validate baseline and advanced expectations, offering additional professional recognition.

Contact NOCTI to get signed up to take the pilot certification through a remote proctored session.  This option allows you to participate at a date and time that works with your schedule!

ACTE CareerTech VISON 2022: NOCTI Sessions & Credential Corner

Attending the ACTE’s CareerTech VISION 2022? Stop and visit NOCTI at booth 415 and visit several of our partners in the Credential Corner of the exhibit hall to learn about credentialing opportunities and other resources from industry organizations.

NOCTI has collaborated with partners such as CASE, the American Culinary Federation, Rouxbe, the Pennsylvania Association of Career and Technical Administrators (PACTA), CAST, and MAX Teaching for insightful education sessions on topics like micro-credentials, fair testing, the current shortage of CTE administrators, and more including these sessions:

NOCTI, MSSC, and FANUC on Automation

Look inside any manufacturing facility these days and you’ll notice something has changed! In addition to the bright lights and clean floors you’ll see something amazing—robots!—and lots of them! Six-axis arm robots pick up cars in auto manufacturing and count pills in pharmaceutical manufacturing. How does one get the opportunity to work in this high-tech environment? Credentials, that’s how! MSSC and FANUC have worked together to create a career pathway for emerging technicians to seamlessly transition from earning an MSSC Certified Production Technician certification into a FANUC Robot Operator training program.

NOCTI Presents Multiple-Choice Item Writing Tips

Best practices have been established for reducing unneeded difficulty for multiple-choice questions to provide non-biased, fair questions. Attend this session to learn some valuable tips for writing quality multiple-choice questions, how to effectively incorporate graphics and global competencies. Learn about recent research results and evaluate multiple-choice items with a “before and after” approach where you’ll be able to see the tips in action!
Link: You can find details on all eight sessions here!

You can find details on all eight sessions here!

Recorded Webinars for You!

If you were unable to make a recent live webinar that interested you, don’t worry, you can access all NOCTI-recorded webinars at The recent webinars on micro-credentials and the new Resume Builder may be of particular interest.

The Micro-Credential webinar focused on this valuable tool for asynchronous, hybrid, or synchronous learning. Teachers can incorporate micro-credentials as learning aids, formative assessments, knowledge checks, validation of competence, and for career exploration activities.

The Resume Builder webinar included a tour of the system which incorporates NOCTI’s industry-based occupational competencies. These competencies, along with the integrated tool for adding NOCTI employability skill competencies, help students highlight the skills they are learning in their CTE programs. This is a great classroom tool that teachers can incorporate into lesson plans or use as a classroom activity.

Additional topics include pre-testing, using competency data, tips for new CTE teachers, and much more! Watch recorded webinars on NOCTI’s website!

Join Our Pilot Testing Initiative!

NOCTI is seeking sites to join its pilot testing initiative for newly developed/revised assessments. Pilot testing is a critical phase in the development process and the data collected through this activity is used to ensure the knowledge-based items, the skill-based jobs, and the overall credentialing assessments are performing according to industry guidelines. We hope you’ll consider joining us in this important effort!

With over 35 titles included in our piloting initiative, there is sure to be something that aligns with your program. Learn more about the titles included and administration details!

NOCTI Video Contest 2023!

NOCTI’s 2023 video contest theme is “CTE: A Chat with Future Me.” We are seeking creative video submissions from individual students or through a team approach. CTE programs are well known for preparing students for workplace success by focusing on the required skills to be successful in a chosen occupation. Students are encouraged to consider what a future CTE conversation with themselves would look like. What would a student tell themselves five or ten years from now based on what they have learned about CTE?

Contest Details

Eligible videos must be produced during the 2022-23 school year and submitted to NOCTI by January 31, 2023. Winners will be selected, and prizes awarded in May 2023.

  • First Place: $500.00 and a class pizza party
  • Second Place: $250.00 and a class pizza party
  • Third Place: $150.00 and a class pizza party
  • Honorable Mention: $100.00 and a class pizza party

Visit NOCTI’s video contest page for complete details and the application packet. We look forward to seeing the creativity of your students!