NOCTI Products and Services Update

11.12.2020 | News

Digital Study Guide – Discounted Pricing to Support CTE Learning

NOCTI is offering its Digital Study Guides during fall 2020 at a 30% discount to provide students and educators an additional learning resource during the COVID-19 pandemic. Available 24/7 on all devices, the online platform offers tools for students and educators. Study guides are much more than a test-prep tool. They are a great resource for virtual learning, beneficial for any related program, and can assist in keeping any student associated with a Career and Technical Education program engaged!

  • Students and teachers can monitor progress.
  • Integrated questions assist with assessing student comprehension.
  • Students can indicate competencies where extra assistance is needed.
  • Teachers can plan exercises around the competencies.
  • Students and teachers can communicate about the content.

There are many ways in which the digital study guides can be incorporated into learning plans, particularly if virtual learning is in place. One idea is to have students use the checklists to indicate which topics they feel they have mastered and which they feel more learning is needed.

If a pre-test is administered, the student can review their pre-test score report and compare that to their initial checklist review to see if what they thought they knew lines up with their pre-test score report. For those areas in which they felt confident in their knowledge, but potentially scored low on the pre-test, the student and teacher can work together on a learning plan for that particular competency and incorporate digital study guides as part of this plan.

Over the course of the school year, student responses can be updated once they feel confident in their knowledge of a particular competency. Checking off topics often provides a feeling of accomplishment.

Teachers can create assignments for the standards and/or competencies focusing on areas in which students feel more assistance is needed. Perhaps the assignment is a report that answers questions from the field related to a specific competency. For instance, “Why is something done a particular way in the field?”, “How is it done?”, or “When is it done?”

There are numerous creative ways in which NOCTI’s digital study guides can serve as a learning resource. Take advantage of the fall 2020 discount by placing an order through the Client Services Center and applying the offer during the checkout process to receive discounted pricing. New to NOCTI? Complete a Security and Testing Agreement to create an account.

Foundational Concepts

NOCTI is pleased to offer Foundational Credentials as a new product to its comprehensive line of offerings. Foundational credentials measure core skills and key concepts within a career field. These core skills are important as individuals progress through their technical program and provide a stepping stone to more advanced skills. Seven titles are now available in the following areas:

  • Accounting Foundations
  • CAD Foundations
  • Cybersecurity Fundamentals
  • Digital Video Production Foundations
  • Engineering Technology Foundations
  • Healthcare Core
  • Personal Finance Foundations

Blueprints are available here and provide more information including competencies and content coverage included on the credential.

Teacher Resource Center

Now, more than ever it is critical for teachers to have access to their students’ NOCTI scoring data as well as the resources to assist students with NOCTI planning and prep. All NOCTI clients can add their teachers to the online system to allow access to the Teacher Resource Center. This process is a quick and easy way to get teachers the information and resources they need.

Teachers have access to:

  • Their own students’ score reports
  • Tools for extracting scoring data
  • Teacher-specific resources
  • Instructor Prep Packs for the skill-based component
  • Tracking of test progress