NOCTI Resume Builder Coming Soon!

12.13.2021 | News, Newsletters

We are excited to announce the development of a new NOCTI Resume Builder tool developed in collaboration with E-Hired. A key goal for the NOCTI Resume Builder tool is the incorporation of technical and workplace skills, with a particular focus on the incorporation of NOCTI competencies students are learning in their CTE programs.

Custom features include the ability to select competencies from a NOCTI credential in the technical skill section of the resume, as well as a component for highlighting key workplace competency skills from NOCTI’s employability credentials. Recognizing that the NOCTI Resume Builder tool is designed with CTE learners in mind, we also included a section to include Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) membership and involvement in student professional organizations.

Other key features include:

  • Easy to use, click-through resume building tools.
  • Several professional resume templates from which to choose.
  • Options for submitting resumes for review, collaboration, and approval.
  • Communication tools for students and teachers.
  • Digital sharing capability and Word and/or PDF formats for printing.
  • Continued access after graduation.

The NOCTI Resume Builder tool offers many advantages for students and teachers with a goal of being flexible and easy to use as it guides students through each section of a resume. Using this tool will provide students with a well-organized and professional resume that can be presented to a prospective employer. Watch for the NOCTI Resume Builder tool launch, ordering, and pricing details in Spring 2022!