NOCTI Product and Service Update (March 2021)

03.25.2021 | News, Newsletters

Micro-Credentials Are Coming!

Launching in fall 2021, NOCTI’s micro-credentials provide the opportunity for learners of any age to verify their familiarity with a discrete, targeted set of occupational knowledge and skills.

Based on nationally-validated, industry-based standards and competencies, the content is assembled by career and technical education (CTE) teachers with vetted industry experience. These micro-credentials can serve as learning aids, formative assessments, knowledge checks, validation of competence, or as a means of exploring a particular occupation. All learners can benefit from the opportunity to share a credential earned for a targeted set of skills within their occupational program or career path. Micro-credentials can also serve as a resource for asynchronous, hybrid, or synchronous learning, whether within traditional CTE, training programs, or for other specialized educational programs and populations.

Micro-credentials will utilize multiple NOCTI systems to provide comprehensive learning and recognition opportunities for participants. NOCTI’s Learning Management System (LMS) will provide access to instructional resources and NOCTI’s online credentialing assessment system validates that learning. Recognition for successfully acquiring new learning is provided through NOCTI’s digital badge system. Lastly, the Teacher Resource Center will allow for tracking of learner progress.

Many titles across the Career Clusters are being developed. Stay tuned for more details!

New CTE Teacher and Administrator Credentials

Over the past five years, NOCTI has worked collaboratively with the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) to publish a series of books with content focused on new CTE teachers and new CTE administrators. These publications have been invaluable resources for those who are new to CTE and have served as the foundation for professional development workshops for states and individual school districts.

Because of the positive feedback from these resources and after conversations with key stakeholders, NOCTI is developing new credentials for CTE teachers and CTE administrators and has engaged a team of subject matter experts for the project. Each credential will consist of two levels and will measure the targeted content below:

Principles of CTE Teaching – Level 1

  • Student Management
  • Lab Management
  • Safety
  • Teaching Strategies
  • Student Assessment

Principles of CTE Teaching – Level 2

  • CTSO Management
  • Managing Work-Based Learning
  • Employer Relationships
  • Specialized Teaching Strategies
  • Instructional Improvement

Principles of CTE Administration – Level 1

  • Fiscal Management
  • Personnel
  • Facility
  • History & Philosophy
  • External Relationships

Principles of CTE Administration – Level 2

  • Budgeting
  • Learners
  • Technology
  • Leadership
  • Credentialing

Stay tuned for progress updates and begin to think of ways you can utilize these credentials to ensure your team is top-notch!