Prepare Students for Careers in Business Administration with MBA Research and Curriculum Center

08.17.2021 | Newsletters

NOCTI and MBA Research and Curriculum Center have a long history of collaboration. The newest partnership project is the development of micro-credentials that align with NOCTI competencies and content offered by MBA Research.

NOCTI is a long-time delivery partner for the MBA A*S*K Business Institute certification exams and the MBA Research program-of-study exams. Certificates are issued by NOCTI on behalf of the A*S*K Business Institute to individuals who have achieved the established certification benchmark scores. This industry-based certificate program is built on vast research of industry practice and formal validation by business practitioners. MBA Research is committed to supporting educators in the preparation of students for careers in the fields related to business administration. That commitment is evidenced by their development of 72 lesson modules (LAPs), along with two Ethical Leadership course guides. Thanks to a grant from the Daniels Fund, these are no-cost ethics lessons that can be integrated into your programs.

Together with NOCTI, MBA Research and A*S*K Institute are committed to preparing learners for success in their future business-related careers.