Product & Service Updates (August 2021)

08.17.2021 | News, Newsletters

New Login Process for Client Services Center

To increase system security, NOCTI is enhancing the login process for the Client Services Center. NOCTI Site Coordinators and Co-coordinators should watch for an email in the coming days with the subject line, “NOCTI Account Authentication.” The email will contain a link that will allow you to create a new password for the Client Services Center. This new password, along with your account email address, will be your new login credentials. The previously provided login credentials consisting of your site code and NOCTI-provided password will no longer be used.

Digital Study Guide Pricing Update

Digital study guide pricing is changing. Instead of ordering the digital guides in packages and sets, you are now able to order the exact quantity needed. Each time a student guide is ordered, both the student and teacher will be provided access to the digital study guide system. The digital format makes the system accessible from anywhere and with any device.

Digital Format

  • $4.00 each (student study guide and access to teacher guide)

Paper/Pencil Format

  • $42.00 per package (10 student books and one teacher guide)
  • $$16.00 per set (5 student books)

NOCTI Rebrand

NOCTI launched an updated brand in fall 2020 with the release of the new website. As you utilize NOCTI systems this academic year, you will notice the incorporation of the new brand, along with some layout enhancements. NOCTI is continuously exploring ways to improve your user experience. If you have suggestions for tools or resources, please feel free to share them with us by using the Contact Us Form at

Technical Support

NOCTI technical support is available via email and phone. If your testing session is in progress and you have a technical support need, please call NOCTI. If your question or need is not related to a session in progress, please use the email help feature in the Client Services Center. The email help system allows our team to capture all the details needed to efficiently handle your request and stores the information should it need to be accessed at a later point.

Competency-Level Summary Report Tool

NOCTI’s competency reports are part of the standard score report package for all NOCTI credentialing assessments, as well as for many of our Partner Network programs. Many of you use these reports for analyzing data at the competency level to explore student learning methods and overall areas in need of improvement. The competency summary extract allows data to be pulled on a variety of filters, resulting in a data extract that is customized to your needs.

BUT, did you know that there is also a competency-level summary report tool? Simply select the test you want to view, enter a date range to view data within a specific time period or skip the date range to include all academic years a specific test version has been used for your program. Use the data to track trends at the classroom or program-level and pinpoint competencies that need improvement. This tool is just another way in which NOCTI continues to provide the data needed to support educators in our NOCTI community.