Subject Matter Expert Spotlight: Glenda Algaze

08.17.2021 | Newsletters

In this SME Spotlight, we are introducing Glenda Algaze. Ms. Algaze is an educator with the Miami-Dade County Public Schools and has been teaching in the healthcare field and found her passion for teaching early in her life. She enjoys each day she spends in the classroom and the many students who have been a part of her life.

Ms. Algaze has been a subject matter expert (SME) for NOCTI, serving on Nursing Assisting and Dental Assisting projects. NOCTI appreciates her time, energy, and dedication and wanted to share some information about her SME experience.

What made you choose the career you’re in?

“I chose the Health Career field because of a few medical issues I had when I was in middle school. I was completely cured by high school, and I knew at that point I could make a difference in someone else’s life.”

How did you become involved with NOCTI?

“I received an email asking for volunteers to pilot the Dental Assisting assessment. I knew that my students would be great candidates to participate. My instruction is flexible. I believe that you must introduce new methodology into the practice of teaching and learning. NOCTI piloting presented the opportunity to test students in a non-threatening environment.”

What made you choose to become an SME for NOCTI?

“I felt knowledgeable in the health care field, and participating as an SME for NOCTI has given me the opportunity to stay current within the health care field, including technological advances.”

Would you serve as an SME again?

“I would definitely serve as an SME again. This past year has been challenging for everyone. I know how important in-person instruction is to our students and In-person certification testing is equally important.”

Please elaborate on some of the more interesting or positive aspects of your associations with NOCTI as an SME.

“I feel that NOCTI has always had a very professional training seminar to enable SMEs to understand the development process. These training seminars have been online, which I appreciated, and also meant that there was no travel involved. I feel that I had all the support that I needed to be successful as an SME and for testing my students and that successfully completing a NOCTI credential provides my students a level of confidence they can share with prospective employers. I love the fact that NOCTI’s examinations are both knowledge-based and skill-based as this gives students the opportunity to develop a comprehensive set of skills.”

What advice would you have for someone considering involvement in a NOCTI test revision or development project?

“Becoming involved with NOCTI as an SME or with project development enables instructors to have input on the knowledge base of students entering their field of interest. I feel that the experience that I gained from involvement with NOCTI has enabled me to enhance my curriculum by staying focused on the key points that an entry-level employee should be able to know and do.”

Could you share something unique or unusual about yourself?

“My hobbies include collecting vintage glass, art, and jewelry. I have been a collector since I was 10 years old. This hobby is about the thrill of the hunt for the most unusual things that are not made anymore.”

What is the most rewarding thing about your job/career?

“The most rewarding thing about my career has been how many of my students have continued in the medical field. They started at an entry-level position after they graduated from my class and then went on to become doctors, dentists, and physician assistants. I have stayed in touch with students that graduated from the program thirty years ago. Wow!”

Anything else you’d like to add?

“I have been so appreciative of the opportunity to be involved in the NOCTI testing process. I am always learning, and NOCTI has continued to give me that opportunity.”

And NOCTI appreciates Ms. Algaze and thanks her for her dedication to education! Learn about becoming part of our Professional Network as an SME.