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Although there are many resources focused on teaching strategies and tips for new teachers, there are few resources available for new CTE teachers. There are even fewer resources available for individuals coming to the field from alternative teacher preparation programs - that is until now! "Your First Year in CTE: 10 Things to Know" is a joint publication between ACTE and NOCTI with an overall focus on helping CTE students to succeed!

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"Putting Your Data to Work: Improving Instruction in CTE" is a new book offered through NOCTI/ACTE. This book explores data-driven instructional improvement and targets the importance of gradient objective technical skill assessment data. The concepts and "how-to" examples are valuable to all educators. Get started in applying the valuable approaches to increase your students' success!

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Ever wondered what NOCTI's online system looks like? Take this demo test to find out just how user-friendly QuadNet™ is! Check out the easy-to-use navigation and special features like the built-in calculator and zoom feature for graphics. This demo is available to anyone - students, teachers, counselors, directors and parents.

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NOCTI is the largest provider of industry-based credentials and partner industry certifications for career and technical education (CTE) programs across the nation. Whether using assessments to meet Perkins accountability requirements, to guide data-driven instructional improvement, or to assist with teacher evaluation systems, NOCTI provides a credible solution through its validated and reliable technical skill assessment.      Learn more...


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