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A*S*K Business Institute Certification Assessments

The A*S*K Business Institute provides an industry-based certificate program based on extensive research of industry practice and formal validation by business practitioners. Each A*S*K certificate is based on well-documented performance indicators that define skills and requisite knowledge required for success in the business community.

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The certification exams that are currently offered are listed below.  Assessment blueprints are available by clicking the test title.  

Administration Details

  • Online administration through QuadNet, NOCTI's online assessment system
  • Pre- and post-testing options available
  • Test administration time: 1 hour and 40 minutes
  • Administer in one, two, or three sessions
  • Study guides and the Text-to-Speech accommodation are not currently available for this program

Cut Scores

Certificates will be issued for those students meeting or exceeding the cut scores on the post-assessment:

  • Certified High Achiever (70%)
  • Certified High Achiever, Exemplary Performance (90%)

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