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Job Ready and Pathway assessments may be administered as pre-tests. A pre-test is administered to determine a student’s baseline technical knowledge in a career and technical education (CTE) program. Programs using a pre-/post-test combination will receive a comparison report after the post-test is completed. This powerful tool can be used to show individual student improvement and overall program effectiveness. Across the country, NOCTI pre-tests benefit CTE students and teachers in programs at career technical education centers, comprehensive high schools, community colleges, technical colleges, and universities.

Why administer a pre-test? When should a pre-test be administered? Pre-tests provide opportunities for students! How is a pre-test administered? Pre-tests are often used to guide teaching
by providing data to:
  • Identify strengths and gap areas
  • Target content areas for remediation
  • Assist in making curriculum adjustments
  • Offer better and more individualized instruction
Pre-tests are intended to be administered at the time a student is entering a CTE program. A pre-test can also be administered at a specific point in the curriculum when there is still time for remediation prior to program completion. Please review NOCTI’s pre-test guidelines for administration details. Students are able to:
  • Experience NOCTI’s online testing system which may help to reduce test anxiety
  • Preview the types of questions presented on an end-of-program assessment
  • Recognize their strengths and areas needing improvement
Pre-tests can be administered most efficiently using NOCTI's online testing system which provides immediate scores. Online testing also offers a cost savings over traditional paper/pencil administration. A proctored environment following NOCTI's administration guidelines is required. Become a NOCTI Customer
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NOCTI Pre-Test Policy