New Education Professional Certifications Provide Recognition Opportunities for CTE Professionals

03.24.2023 | Credentialing

Career and technical education (CTE) programs, along with their teachers, administrators, and other education professionals, play a key role in equipping students with the skills and knowledge for career success. With a strong connection to economic recovery, CTE is receiving increased attention because the current demand for skilled workers is exceptionally high and continues to increase.

The growing popularity of CTE has coincided with a national shortage of qualified CTE professionals and a lack of CTE educator training offered in universities. While teachers have been in the media spotlight because of widespread teacher shortages, the success of CTE programs hinges on a wide range of education professionals.

  • CTE teachers assist learners in exploring career paths and developing skills to enhance their future.
  • CTE administrators play a key leadership role and serve the ever-changing needs of learners, parents, teachers, industry, and the community.
  • CTE data professionals collect, analyze, and report CTE data to fulfill state and federal accountability requirements for enrollment, placement, planning, and allocation of funds to support CTE programs.
  • CTE work-based learning coordinators create relationships and work-based learning experiences that effectively and efficiently assist students to develop the skills needed to move into the world of work.

Whether managing large industrial equipment in an instructional environment or engaging with local businesses and industry advisors, CTE professionals require a unique set of pedagogical skills and background knowledge. NOCTI’s new Education Professional Certifications can help CTE teachers, administrators, data professionals, and work-based learning coordinators certify they have the necessary skills and knowledge to help students in their programs succeed.

Education Professional Certifications

While some CTE professionals come to the field through a traditional route, many individuals transition into a CTE role after successful careers in other industries. Administrators may have little to no CTE experience, and other professionals such as those working with data or work-based learning programs may simply be new to the CTE environment.

NOCTI has developed eight credentials for CTE teachers, administrators, data professionals, and work-based learning coordinators. Level one credentials are targeted to those with two or less years of experience while level two is appropriate for professionals with two or more years of CTE-related experience. These credentials can be used in multiple ways to help equip CTE professionals with relevant skills including:

  • Incorporated as part of state-level licensing processes
  • Integrated as a pre-employment tool at the local level
  • Incorporated into employee onboarding processes
  • Included in professional development plans

Just like credentials designed for secondary and postsecondary students, these professional certifications are based on standards and competencies defined by national panels of CTE experts that are needed to become a successful CTE professional. The industry benchmark was established by a national panel of career and technical education (CTE) experts.
A completed credential is tangible proof of knowledge and signifies that the individual who earned the credential has industry-relevant skills.

Four Credential Areas

CTE Professional Level 1 Level 2
CTE Teachers Student Management
Lab Management
Instructional Planning
Instructional Delivery
Student Assessment
Student Organization Management
Managing Work-Based Learning
Employer Relationships
Specialized Teaching Strategies
Instruction Improvement
CTE Administrators Curriculum
Fiscal Management
CTE Foundations
CTE Facility
Programming Planning and Development
CTE Leadership
Student Engagement
CTE Data Professionals Data Sourcing
Data Analysis
Data Uses
Data Quality
Data Protection
Data Consistency
Data Governance
Data Leveraging
Data Relevance
Data System Alignment
CTE Work-Based Learning Work-Based Learning Foundations
Work-Based Learning Alignment
Program Planning
Career Development & Planning
Program Start-Up
Community & School Coordination
Program Coordination
Program Evaluation
Program Enhancement
Program Specialization

Continued Commitment to CTE

With more than 55 years of experience in CTE, NOCTI delivers solutions for increasing students’ technical competence and certifying new and incumbent workers in the private sector. Because the demand for skilled workers continues to grow, NOCTI is continuously expanding its services to support teachers, administrators, and other CTE professionals.

Available Education Professional titles can be found in NOCTI’s blueprint index. Principles of CTE Teaching — Level 1 and Principles of Working with CTE Data — Level 1 are now available. Four additional titles are currently in pilot testing and two titles are in the development phase and will be ready for piloting soon. Contact us to learn about opportunities for pilot test takers to earn certification based on a no-cost, remotely proctored pilot test assessment administration.