West Virginia

West Virginia

The West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) contracts with NOCTI to provide credentialing tools and resources to support the accountability system for West Virginia’s Simulated Workplace program. NOCTI has subsequently become an integral part of the West Virginia Board of Education (WVBOE) Policies designed to ensure all state-approved CTE completers have an opportunity to demonstrate their skill attainment on an equal and consistent assessment across the state.

Simulated Workplace

NOCTI’s trademark delivery and program management system and industry credentials serve as the foundation of the accountability system. Since program inception, WVDE has expanded NOCTI services to include customized assessment development, developing custom reporting tools, and programming custom systems to include an Online Testing System, Instructor Resource Center, with a goal of ensuring streamlined processes for stakeholders to ensure schools are maintaining high-quality standards.

A dedicated NOCTI project manager works with state and local leaders to provide personalized stakeholder support including resources, instruction, and technical support.

Customized Assessments & Study Guides

NOCTI has developed customized tests for several West Virginia Programs of Study standards. Development of the Simulated Workplace assessment included a supplemental study guide.

Customized Systems

Client Services Center

Used by NOCTI Site Coordinators and Co-Coordinators to place orders, manage the program, and retrieve score reports and certificates.

Instructor Resource Center

Used by instructors to manage testing and students and to retrieve score reports and certificates.

Online Administration System

Used by students to complete pre- and post-tests.

B&I Review

B&I Reviews are used by all Simulated Workplace stakeholders to ensure programs are maintaining high-quality standards.

Student Locker

Used by students to access their reports, college credit recommendations, work-based learning timecards, and certificates.



WVDE establishes benchmarks in addition to the NOCTI criterion-referenced cut scores. Students have the opportunity to earn the Workforce Competency Credential and college credit recommendations through NOCTI. Students can also receive the West Virginia Workforce Entry Certificate created by WVDE to recognize CTE students who have shown skill attainment in their program of study.