MAVA Leadership Academy Gets Ahead with NOCTI Education Professional Certifications

03.21.2024 | Credentialing

Career and technical education (CTE) professionals often come from unique backgrounds, transitioning from a successful career in the private sector to the world of education. This background experience can provide valuable insight into the career-oriented practical education of CTE programs. Unfortunately, CTE’s growing popularity has coincided with a shortage of qualified CTE professionals.

A major contributor to the lack of qualified candidates is the scarcity of CTE educator training available in a university setting. Newly minted teachers may not be familiar with educational accountability requirements and administrators may not have sufficient CTE experience.

MAVA Leadership Academy Adds CTE Certifications to Its Participant’s Professional Portfolios

The Massachusetts Association of Vocational Administrators (MAVA) developed an advanced course to help prepare and support school leaders and administrators for leadership roles. The MAVA Leadership Academy seeks individuals with the potential and commitment to evolve into great educational leaders.

Participants receive Instructional Leadership, Management and Operations, Family and Community Engagement, and Professional Culture training. The academy program also covers present-day Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion challenges, plus remote and hybrid curriculum structures. These hard and soft skills provide a springboard for the participants to transform from education professionals into great leaders.

Recently, the Leadership Academy II expanded its program to include NOCTI’s Education Professional Certifications. It’s worth noting that individuals in CTE leadership roles often have limited experience in the public education sector. As participants of the Leadership Academy prepare for credentials such as the Principles of CTE Administration Levels 1 and 2, they actively address knowledge gaps spanning curriculum, personnel, budgeting, facility management, credentialing, and beyond.

NOCTI Education Professional Credentials Create Opportunities

As a group, the MAVA Leadership Academy II class reviewed the content measured in NOCTI’s Education Professional credentials and noticed opportunities for additional training. “We should all know this stuff,” they agreed. The CTE credentials helped participants understand their blind spots, allowing them to direct their attention toward remediation.

All of the current cohort participants passed the Level 1 exam, which not only gave them confidence in their abilities but also opened up career opportunities by validating skills. Dr. Ed Bouquillon, MAVA Leadership Academy II Coordinator, agrees that NOCTI’s credential certainly adds something unique to the participant’s portfolio. In the months following their Leadership Academy experience, multiple participants landed additional job interviews thanks in part to the CTE credential on their resumes.

“My role in the last twenty years of my career has been to get us to look at ourselves a little more honestly,” Dr. Bouquillon says. “Let’s make sure that our competencies are aligned with state and federal standards. NOCTI does that better than anybody out there, and I know this because I’ve looked at everybody out there.”

The MAVA Leadership Academy serves as the mentorship requirement for state licensure. NOCTI’s Education Professional Certifications enhance the licensing requirement by providing credentials aligned with state and federal standards. Both the Leadership Academy, as well as the NOCTI credentials, are a great endorsement of a candidate’s skills and commitment.

Add NOCTI Education Professional Credentials to Your Portfolio

Private sector experience is incredibly valuable to CTE programs. The demand for highly skilled workers continues to increase, but the lack of educational training and shortage of qualified candidates strains the talent pool. NOCTI’s Education Professional Certifications are designed to support people in becoming successful CTE professionals by providing tangible proof of knowledge and industry-relevant skills

NOCTI has developed eight Education Professional certifications for CTE teachers, administrators, data professionals, and work-based learning coordinators. Level 1 targets staff with just a year or two of experience, and Level 2 is for more seasoned CTE professionals. These certifications can be used as part of state-level licensing, a pre-employment assessment, or incorporated into a professional development plan.

If you are looking for qualified CTE professionals or would like to highlight the depth of your skills and training as a CTE professional, read more about how Education Professional Certifications Provide Recognition Opportunities for CTE Professionals. You can also view the Blueprint Index for a deeper dive into each assessment.

For additional questions or resources, don’t hesitate to contact us today. The NOCTI team is happy to help you understand how Education Professional Certifications can serve as a valuable resource in shaping a brighter future for both you and your school system.