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Message from President/CEO John Foster

John Foster Photo Welcome to 2020! I hope that each of you took time to celebrate the holidays with family and friends and that you are excited to start a new year preparing our nation's workforce. Like 2019, I had the opportunity to spend a little time with both of my sons, their wives, and my grandson. The big news for me is that they are all back east of the Mississippi these days!

Back in December we spent some time in “sunny and warm” Anaheim, and any of you who attended the 2019 VISION conference know, it wasn’t all that sunny or warm! NOCTI held its winter board meeting and reviewed what we were able to accomplish for the CTE community throughout 2019. We held our annual consortium meeting/reception and this year we also celebrated our sister company’s (Nocti Business Solutions) 20th year anniversary! During ACTE’s VISION 2019, NOCTI delivered 10 sessions, two of them to standing room only (SRO) crowds, and another SRO pre-session focusing on new CTE administrators. Many of those presentations were with partners and collaborators including SREB, MAX Teaching, EAI, LRNG, Credential Engine, and the Asia Society.

We are excited to begin our planning for the third Credential Summit to be held in Myrtle Beach, so stay tuned for more details! Other notable 2019 initiatives include our co-branded credential with the American Culinary Federation (ACF), the release of our mobile ValuedCREDs app (available on Apple and Android), and the number of face-to-face Professional Development (PD) events we have been involved in this year.

NOCTI has traditionally offered PD in topics related to credentialing, assessment, and the importance of data, and in 2019 had the opportunity to expand those services to accommodate additional areas included in Perkins V. We have seen expanded interest in Perkins-related components including the Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment (CLNA) and PD, and also in areas related to new CTE teacher and CTE administrator preparation.

If your state has no formal preparation program for new CTE teachers transitioning from industry, or is missing a program to transition regular education administrators into the CTE community, give us a call.

More importantly though, CTE is a program in which quality is based on the industry experience of the CTE teacher. The CTE teacher’s quality and relevance is maintained by interaction with occupational advisory committees, and the quality of the program is reflected by its ability to produce students who can demonstrate competence on a national industry credential. The longitudinal and pre-post data generated by those national credentials (like those provided by NOCTI), when correlated with attendance data and academic benchmark data, provide the roadmap for individualized professional development for the teacher, ongoing instructional improvement for the program and its graduates, and the school data needed to complete the CLNA. If this makes sense to you, contact us to help!

If you were at VISION 2019, you may have also noticed the proximity of our booth to that of FANUC, the world’s largest manufacturer of manufacturing robots! FANUC is a great partner of both NOCTI and NBS. We’ll be working with them throughout the next year to provide a variety of robotic certifications as well as certifications related to Industry 4.0.

Along those same lines of looking to our future, you might have seen our press release that was distributed in early December with our newest collaborator zSpace. zSpace offers mixed reality hardware systems that allow students to interact and experiment with technology in a digital environment—an environment that is well suited for learning concepts, processes, components, and even manipulations found within a student’s chosen CTE field. zSpace and NOCTI have collaborated to coordinate their systems for over 25 different NOCTI credentials and more detailed offerings are on the way!

We’d also like to take a moment and recognize some of the award winners over the past several months. We recognized three award winners at VISION 2019. Mr. Adam Canter received the C. Thomas Olivo Award and Mr. John Wingerter and Mr. James Jazdzewski received the Carl J. Schaefer Memorial Awards. You can find out a little more about these folks within the pages of this newsletter.

If your school or class would like some recognition, consider participating in our annual video contest. CTE students have a chance to show off their creative and technical abilities while gaining recognition for their school! Check out last year’s winning videos, and keep an eye out for this year's winners, announced during CTE Month! Share this with your students and get them excited to create a submission for the 2020-2021 school year.

We hope that a few of the things mentioned in this newsletter highlight some of the reasons that set NOCTI apart from other credentialing bodies. Not only do we provide over 170 technical credentials, but we also keep them up-to-date with industry standards, tie them to college credit, and provide reports that enable CTE programs around the country to continuously improve. As important as those things are, we also maintain accreditation to the ISO 17024 standard for certification programs. We remain focused on collaborating with entities that we believe will continue to assure your students' success.

On behalf of the NOCTI staff, our Board of Trustees, and our Consortium of States, I sincerely hope that you consider the critical role that each of you play in growing the workforce. As always, if you have recommendations for a new service or product that you would like NOCTI to offer, or have other suggestions or questions for us, please email nocti@nocti.org.

If you are looking to implement the congressional intent of Perkins V with fidelity, not just check a regulatory box, we stand ready to help. Thank you for trusting NOCTI to deliver the quality credentials, comprehensive data, and professional development needed to help improve your programs. We look forward to your continued service to the CTE community and welcome your inquiries on how we can meet your needs!

John Foster
NOCTI/Nocti Business Solutions
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