College Credit Recommendations: The Credit Students Deserve!

05.16.2022 | Newsletters, Why NOCTI

We’ve reached the time of year when it’s important to ensure learners get the credit they deserve! Proof of knowledge is an integral part of a learner’s portfolio and can be evidenced by NOCTI and NOCTI Partner certifications and college credit recommendation reports.

Experienced industry experts and professors working with the National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS) evaluated the rigor of many NOCTI credentials to translate the content into college credit equivalencies. Students earning a 70% or better on an approved NOCTI knowledge-based assessment will automatically earn a College Credit Recommendation Report.

These helpful reports are easily accessible; NOCTI Coordinators can print them directly through their Client Services Center, and teachers may have access through their Teacher Resource Center. However, what’s better than learners having direct access to their reports? By providing an email address at testing time, learners earning college credit recommendations will also receive a digital badge granting them access to NOCTI’s SkillBadge Locker, where they can share their badge and print their report.

The college credit recommendation report can be shared with programs at higher education institutions to discuss the possibility of advanced placement or credit toward a degree or certificate. An official transcript can be obtained through NOCTI’s partnership with Excelsior College if needed.

Help learners build their portfolios for success! Remind them to include all forms of recognition, including their college credit recommendations.